From Wi-Fi to Insights

How big data from your Wi-Fi network will lead to better business analytics

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wi-Fi technology today has progressed from a simple enabler of connected mobile devices to a goldmine of data and insights. Today’s Wi-Fi networks can help you digitally transform your organization, improve customer experience, drive manufacturing efficiencies, gain insights from IoT edge analytics and even provide predictive analytics.
Wi-Fi networks can provide rich data on mobile users, including, Location, Presence, Footfall patterns, Identity and Application Visibility in the cloud. When combined with an advanced analytics platform, businesses are able to derive new insights that can provide them with a competitive edge to innovate.

Join our technology experts from Statistica and Aerohive to Learn:

  • How Wi-Fi networks are a new source for data that can increase retail sales, improve operational efficiencies and transform the customer experience
  • How to leverage advanced analytics to tap into this big data goldmine to help your business innovate
  • Real-life customer examples
  • Practical strategies, free tips, and top tools to transform your wireless network from simple connectivity to an engine for insights

Milind Pansare has over 25 years of technology and business experience at startups and iconic silicon valley tech companies.

Jeremy Mellville is a Senior Data Scientist at Statistica. Jeremy has been helping companies implement Predictive Analytics in their organizations over the past twenty years. He has experience in multiple industries and domains including finance, telecommunications, marketing, retail and healthcare, to name a few. He believes all organizations can benefit from analytics regardless of their domain.