Concentric Analytics for IoT

Hosted by Bloor Research

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Original Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
The Internet of Things (IoT, the Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and so on) comprises simplistically of sensors, gateways and some sort of central processing area or hub.

But in reality many IoT environments will involve multiple tiers of analysis where gateways are used to aggregate data across many sensors, devices or “lower level” gateways. And whilst IoT creates big, fast and streaming data it does not create, in every part, useful data.

IoT turns traditional analytics on its head and requires new methods of analyzing data to gain insight.

Welcome to Concentric Analytics. In this Webinar, Philip Howard from Bloor research will ask:

  • What is Concentric Analytics?
  • Why must we consider Concentric Analytics for successful IoT deployments?
  • What does this mean for me?

All attendees will receive Bloor Research’s complementary white paper on this subject.

Our presenter:
Philip Howard started in the computer industry way back in 1973 and has variously worked as a systems analyst, programmer and salesperson, as well as in marketing and product management, for a variety of companies including GEC Marconi, GPT, Philips Data Systems, Raytheon and NCR.

After a quarter of a century of not being his own boss Philip set up his own company in 1992 and his first client was Bloor Research (then ButlerBloor), with Philip working for the company as an associate analyst. His relationship with Bloor Research has continued since that time and he is now Research Director, focused on Information Management.

Information management includes anything that refers to the management, movement, governance and storage of data, as well as access to and analysis of that data. It involves diverse technologies that include (but are not limited to) databases and data warehousing, data integration, data quality, master data management, data governance, data migration, metadata management, and data preparation and analytics.

In addition to the numerous reports Philip has written on behalf of Bloor Research, Philip also contributes regularly to and and was previously editor of both “Application Development News” and “Operating System News” on behalf of Cambridge Market Intelligence (CMI). He has also contributed to various magazines and written a number of reports published by companies such as CMI and The Financial Times. Philip speaks regularly at conferences and other events throughout Europe and North America.