Statistica 13.2 Demo

The Game-Changer of Advanced Analytics

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Original Date:
Thursday, April 6, 2017

Just as Gutenberg’s printing press triggered the era of mass communication by enabling the widespread, rapid circulation of information to the masses, Statistica is now putting advanced analytics in the hands of today’s business professionals in a way that is approachable, scalable, localized yet universal. Previously, data scientists and specially trained analysts were isolated purveyors of analytics technology. Now, professionals with even continuous analytic needs can create repeatable workflows and models themselves, quickly and intuitively, using GUIs that can incorporate multiple coding languages. Statistica allows for the most productive marriage of the data scientist and business professional skill sets.

In this demo webcast, Shawn Rogers and Dr. Scott Burk revisit the analytics trends that have shaped the evolution of Statistica’s unique analytics methodology. And, for you hands-on practitioners, we also demonstrate how easily Statistica can foster the creation of actionable results in three key areas.

Demonstrations will include:

  • Point-and-click data sourcing, assessment and preparation; rich technical support, examples, tutorials and other resources
  • Integration of open source (R/Python/H2O Sparkling Water) and other analytic tools, and the ability to create enterprise-specific libraries for greater results
  • ”Parameterized Workspaces” which allow data scientists or sophisticated users to create controlled workflows that can be added to libraries for use by business analysts (e.g., what Gartner calls “citizen data scientists”)

Scott Burk, Ph.D., has been solving challenging business and health care problems for over twenty years through science, statistics and computational methods. He has held a variety of executive and senior level positions in finance, IT, statistics and marketing. Prior to Statistica he was Associate Vice President and Chief Statistician at Scott and White Health Plan He was also Chief Statistician at, worked for Texas Instruments, PayPal, eBay as well as startups. He has held faculty positions at Texas A&M and Baylor University. He currently teaches in the CUNY MS Data Analytics and Northwestern University MS Predictive Analytics programs. Scott has graduate degrees in Finance and Data Mining and a doctorate in Statistics.

Shawn Rogers is Chief Research Officer and Director, Global Marketing & Channels for Statistica. Shawn is an internationally recognized thought leader, speaker, author and instructor on the topics of big data, analytics, cloud, data integration, data warehousing and social analytics. Shawn has more than 19 years of hands-on IT experience. Prior to joining Statistica he was Vice President of Research for Business Intelligence and Analytics at Enterprise Management Associates, a leading analyst firm. He co-founded the BeyeNETWORK, a global publication covering business intelligence, data warehousing and analytics. He was also a partner at DMReview magazine.