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Empower more people with Statistica 13.2

Statistica 13.2 – Introducing Collective Intelligence, Edge Analytics and the Citizen UI

Statistica, the proven platform, further democratizes analytics by embedding models everywhere and driving collaboration across the organization and with external data scientists and model libraries. New Features include:

Collective Intelligence Workspace

Collective Intelligence

Integrate external analytics within internal analytic workflows and embrace the app marketplace for models. Import models from Algorithmia, Azure ML, Expert Models and others, and leverage open source technologies including R, Python C# and H20 Sparking Water. Connect these in a single workflow to drive interaction collaboration and greater insight.

Citizen UI

Empower more people: Experts build complex analytic models and workflows once, non-technical business analysts to reuse these templates repeatedly across the organization.

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CitizenUI Workspace
Edge Analytics Workflow

Edge Analytics

Statistica 13.2 unleashes the power of Edge Analytics. Deploy “analytic atoms” to any edge device or gateway. Create smart IoT by running analytic directly at the edge of the network right where the data is created. Eliminate the need to stream all IoT data, and take immediate action where it matters, on the edge.

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Statistica 13.2 Overview Webinar

View the “What’s new in Statistica 13.2” WebEx, from Oct. 18, 2016

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