Enterprise Bundle

Built for Enterprise. Embed analytics everywhere and empower more people with multi-site deployments, reusable workflow templates, along with in-database and Spark on Hadoop analytics, also introducing Edge Analytics to push your math to any device or gateway for IoT.

Embed Analytics Everywhere

Embed Analytics Everywhere

Statistica’s full suite of tools, built for the enterprise, is for those who want analytics embedded everywhere across their organization. Share and deploy your math to core business processes across multiple geographical locations and utilize the power of Edge Analytics for IoT deployments.
]Edge Analytics for IoT

Edge Analytics for IoT

Enterprise unlocks the power of Edge Analytics. Deploy “analytic atoms” to any edge device or gateway. Create smart IoT by running analytics directly at the edge of the network, right where the data is created. Eliminate the need to stream all IoT data, then take immediate action where it matters, on the edge.

In-database Analytics (NDAA)

Leverage the compute power of Hadoop clusters, database appliances and other high-performance platforms with Native Distributed Analytics Architecture (NDAA). Reduce network traffic and take action where your data currently resides.

  • Break down data silos and take your math to the data wherever it lives. Create, score and run predictive models in-database – SQL Server, within Hadoop on Apache Hive (on Spark), MySQL, Oracle and Teradata
  • Avoid duplicate infrastructure, enhance security and reduce compliance risks
  • Improve analytic and network performance. Empower users to carry out intensive computations with all data in every source system, including Hadoop clusters, database appliances and other high-performance platforms.