Technology company turns big data into insight

Dell customers using SupportAssist benefit from a world-class analytics platform that consolidates, manipulates and analyzes streams of data to fix systems before they fail

Business need:

To deliver a superior customer experience, Dell’s support team needed a way to proactively predict and address issues such as impending hardware failures before they negatively impact customers.


Dell deployed the advanced analytics platform, Statistica, along with SupportAssist, to create, test and deploy effective predictive analytic models in order to predict and solve customers’ issues before they can impact the business.

  • Delivers predictive analytics that enable issues to be addressed before they cause problems for customers
  • Allows customers to spend up to 84 percent less time on the phone with tech support
  • Automates support case creation and issue resolution, resulting in up to 58 percent fewer steps in the support process
  • Enables the integration and governance of open source R into production systems

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