Quality Control

An increase in global production of quality goods and services at decreasing costs means your company needs all the competitive advantages it can get. With additional pressures of government compliance and industry regulations, the timely detection and resolution of production errors have become ever more integral to profit margins.

Managers who track the quality and consistency of products and services in real time have such an advantage, thanks to Statistica’s dashboard environment. Through continuous monitoring with Quality Control (QC) charts, abnormalities can be detected and corrected much sooner than otherwise possible. QC charts also make it easier to identify opportunities for optimization, thus encouraging continuous improvement of your operations.

Screenshot from online Quality Control dashboard

Statistica provides industry standard QC charts to monitor operations in many types of organizations. Originally developed for use in manufacturing, QC charts have proven useful in banking, insurance, even sports industries and more.

Statistica Solution

  • All-In-One Solution: Statistica provides a central location for all your data analytics, from quality control to business intelligence
  • Standard Quality Control Charts: XBar & R, IMR, EWMA, Np, P, C, U, etc.
  • Easy Database Connectivity: Support for OLE DB and ODBC standards, which ensures compatibility with all common databases, e.g., SQL Server and Oracle
  • Automatic Updating: Quality control charts and process capability statistics are automatically updated and instantly accessible as new data becomes available
  • Roles-Based Access: Statistica Enterprise QC gives your employees information on a need-to-know basis, in real time, while tracking documents and changes for regulatory compliance
  • Dashboards: Statistica Monitoring and Alerting Server (MAS) provides dashboards to monitor your processes in real time, generate email or other alarm notifications, and generate reports with root-cause analysis results. This allows timely implementation of corrective actions.

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Success Stories

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Leading photomask manufacturer Photronics implements Statistica due to its ease of integration and flexibility.