Statistica Enterprise Server Quality Control

Statistica Enterprise Server/QC is based on state-of-the-art connectivity, multitasking and distributed processing technologies. Statistica Enterprise/QC is designed for local and global enterprise quality control/improvement and Six Sigma applications. It includes a high performance database (or optimized interface to existing databases), real-time and remote monitoring and alarm notification for the production floor, a comprehensive set of analytical tools for engineers, all the functionality of Statistica Quality Control (QC Charts, Process Analysis, Design of Experiments, and much more), sophisticated, Web-enabled user interface and reporting features for management, Six Sigma reporting options, and much more.

“Excellent service support and broad-based Statistical analysis capability were the major advantages that this product had over others we considered…the decision to select Statistica was unanimous.”

– Navaid Ahmed, Quality Engineer, John Deere

Statistica Enterprise/QC is by far the most powerful, flexible, customizable, and comprehensive enterprise SPC solution available.

Here are some of the features:

  • Benefits
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Users with Varying Needs
  • Integration with Statistica
  • Flexible Data Entry
  • Web-based Information Delivery
  • Customizable Report Generation
  • Ease of Administration


Statistica Enterprise/QC features concise report selection menus, more advanced analytical tools, and a simple user interface for the shop floor.

It features:

  • A high performance database with intuitive system administration tools and a built-in security system
  • Different User Interfaces for Different Types of Users
  • Easy-to-use database access facilities, including interactive queries
  • A wide selection of analytical tools, including a Six Sigma DMAIC tool kit
  • VB integration with database applications, macro recording
  • One-click access to analyses & reports
  • Groupware functionality for sharing queries, special applications, etc.
  • Connectivity and integration with external applications (MS Word, MS Excel, browsers)
  • Unlimited options for expansion and customization

Plus, something for everyone in your organization…

  • One-click access to analyses & reports; comprehensive analytical tools for engineers
  • Web-enabled user Interface & reporting; real-time, remote process monitoring for management
  • Simple Interface for data entry; real-time charting & open-ended alarms including cause/action prompts for shop floor operators
  • and much, much more…

Competitive Advantages

Comprehensive, Optimized, and Flexible Database Structure

In one central location, for plant-wide or company-wide access, the Statistica Enterprise/QC data warehouse stores all information necessary for an SPC solution of practically any scale. Its structure is optimized so it is reliable and quick to query. The Statistica Enterprise/QC database includes pre-packaged, simple data entry forms. Operators can enter data either manually or electronically into an optimized, high-performance database schema, for efficient data access and analysis. The Statistica Enterprise/QC database is compatible with all standard database management systems, including Oracle, SQL Server, and Access. (See Central Management and Data and Knowledge-Sharing Environment).


Statistica Enterprise/QC is based on the most advanced, expandable, and compatible technologies designed to meet your needs in the 21st century. Statistica Enterprise/QC is specifically designed to be quantitatively and qualitatively scalable, that is, to grow with no limits as your needs grow. In other words, no architectural changes are necessary as you add new users, processes, categories of data, specific reports, analyses, or integration with new data sources.

Central Management

All information, including user permissions, measurements, how data are to be collected, SPC specifications, etc., is stored in the Statistica Enterprise/QC data warehouse. Statistica Enterprise/QC provides a suite of system administration tools for flexible and very efficient central management. Changes are made to the database once and are automatically reflected on all workstations. Read more…

Two Options for Web-enablement

Statistica Enterprise/QC offers two options for Web-enablement:

Statistica Enterprise/QC Web Viewer features a powerful report generation tool for creating highly customized reports automatically updated on your Web server, with secure access options (and formatted the way that you want).

Statistica Enterprise/QC Complete (via Statistica Enterprise Server) adds full Internet enablement to Statistica Enterprise/QC, including the ability to interactively run Statistica Enterprise/QC from a Web browser. It enables users to easily and quickly access data and powerful analytical tools from virtually any computer in the world as long as it is connected to the Web. Read more…

Customized View of the Production Process

An SPC system should be intuitive and easy-to-use, otherwise end users will not be inclined to utilize its full capabilities (regardless of how powerful its arsenal of SPC analyses might be!). The system administration tools in Statistica Enterprise/QC allow you to determine how users will view the production process. You can view information organized by product, process, department, report type, etc. Statistica Enterprise/QC is flexible, with no limits on how this information is structured. Instant system-wide changes can be implemented from any location depending only on system access privileges.

Truly Designed for the Enterprise

An SPC system designed for enterprise-wide use should accommodate the needs of many different types of users. From the straightforward data entry screens for shop-floor operators to the powerful analytic query-building interfaces for QC engineers, the system adapts for different user permissions and responsibilities. As a result, Statistica Enterprise/QC may look different for each user.

Data and Knowledge-Sharing Environment

All measurements and chart/report definitions are stored in the Statistica Enterprise/QC database. From the desktop, an engineer can view the latest data from a set of processes in QC charts as soon as new data are collected. Predefined sets of charts or reports are generated automatically with the press of a button.


For its numerical and graphical processing, Statistica Enterprise/QC utilizes the state-of-the-art algorithms from Statistica, an industry-leader in SPC analyses. Statistica has been providing peerless SPC solutions for many years and has been ranked the highest in every comparative review in which it was featured since its first release. Read highlights of reviews of Statistica.

While other vendors offer SPC programs that can retrieve data from databases, as of now, no other SPC solution offers the true enterprise system integration and the full functionality of Statistica Enterprise/QC.

Statistica Enterprise/QC combines the highest performance system integration technology with unmatched customizability and scalability implemented in a way that allows tailoring the system to specific needs, adjusting and expanding it using simple self-explanatory wizards. Statistica Enterprise/QC can handle practically unlimited amounts of data, integrate with existing database management systems and data warehouses of practically any complexity to form seamlessly connected information delivery and decision support systems of unmatched power and ease of use.

User Feedback

In addition to achieving unprecedented success in formal reviews, both Statistica Enterprise/QC and Statistica have received positive recognition from users. Read published comments from Statistica Enterprise/QC users and Statistica users.

Users and Varying Needs

Different users in an organization have different needs. Statistica Enterprise/QC allows the system administrator to determine how different users will view the production process. Statistica Enterprise/QC features concise report selection menus, more advanced analytical tools, and a simple user interface for all types of users.

Integration with Statistica

Statistica Enterprise/QC offers unmatched analytic, exploratory, and reporting power through its fully integrated access to all data analysis tools of Statistica (the most comprehensive data analysis, graphics, reporting, and application development system).  Depending on the specific configuration, different components of the Statistica line of data analysis tools can be made available to different categories of Statistica Enterprise/QC users. Many of those tools are also available in single-user versions. These tools include the largest selection of DOE (design of experiments), industrial process analysis, customizable QC charts, modeling, exploratory, data mining and many other knowledge discovery tools (including the most comprehensive implementations of such specialized methods as neural networks and power analysis available on the market).  Recorded or custom macros written in Statistica can be easily deployed in Statistica Enterprise analysis configurations.  With Statistica’s integration with R, these scripts too are easily deployed on a schedule or on demand.

Connectivity Options

Statistica Enterprise/QC features state-of-the-art connectivity options that allow data acquisition from virtually any external database (data warehouses, data marts, multi-dimensional databases, etc.).

Flexible Data Entry

How is your data collected? Do your operators enter SPC data by keyboard, or do you query data from databases or data warehouses?

Statistica Enterprise/QC includes very flexible interfaces that enable you to analyze data from various sources. Whether you need to collect data from saved files or from a database or data warehouse, the information can be queried, viewed, and used in reports that are automatically generated (see Statistica Enterprise Reports).

Customizable Report Generation

Do you need reports automatically generated according to your specifications?

The Statistica Enterprise/QC includes a powerful report generation tool. You can create highly customized reports – formatted the way that you want, created at times that you choose, with output generated according to your specifications.

Ease of Administration

Statistica Enterprise/QC includes a suite of easy-to-use administration tools. They provide you with the power to define who can use the system, the permissions of users, the measurements collected, how they are collected, how they are analyzed, etc. These tools contribute to the flexibility and scalability of the system. For example, when you decide to begin data collection on another production line, it is as simple as making the necessary additions to the system with the administration tools. Unlike other SPC packages, Statistica Enterprise/QC is centrally managed for the entire enterprise. Changes made to the system through the administration tools are immediately reflected on all workstations.

Here is a picture of the Enterprise Manager administration tool:

Enterprise Manager