Statistica Monitoring and Alerting Server

The Monitoring and Alerting Server (MAS) augments Statistica Enterprise to provide users with a means to centralize and automate the monitoring of many process and product parameters. The ongoing monitoring is an automated and efficient method for a) monitoring many critical parameters simultaneously, and b) providing status "snapshots" from the results of these monitoring activities to personnel based on their responsibilities.


The Statistica Monitoring and Alerting Server (MAS) builds on the Statistica Enterprise framework. MAS utilizes Statistica Enterprise/QC's flexible and robust database integration capabilities to define the process/product characteristics to be analyzed. It directly integrates with your data collection systems including relational database management systems, data warehouses, data historians, process information systems, and laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

All of Statistica's analyses are available for the ongoing monitoring of characteristics, including:

  • Quality Control charts
  • Process Capability
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Partial Least Squares Regression
  • Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
  • Neural Networks
  • Support Vector Machines
  • MARSplines
  • Classification and Regression Trees
  • Time Series

MAS allows you to define rules for the definition of events and actions. Events are defined very flexibly; they can be as simple as an out-of-limits sample or can be defined based on the predictions from a model. MAS allows you to define specific actions to associate with each parameter being monitored. When an event occurs, MAS executes one or more actions respective to the parameter associated with the event, including the distribution of an email message to a defined list of recipients or a call to an OPC client.

Proactive Alerting Applications

One category of application for MAS is applicable when there are many critical parameters to be monitored in your process or products. Rather than requiring manual review of these parameters, MAS allows you to automate the ongoing analysis and offload this resource intensive process to one or more Statistica servers. MAS applies Statistical techniques and your rules for the definitions of events that are noteworthy. Actions define the response to these events (e.g., deviations on a critical quality attribute) such as alerting personnel to a potential problem. MAS is scalable for the monitoring of thousands of parameters.

Dashboard Monitoring Applications

With a complex manufacturing process or a product suite with many critical quality characteristics, often it is not possible to review the latest samples or batches manually for each characteristic. Instead, personnel needs an easy and efficient way to be updated on the latest status on those critical parameters. MAS provides the definition of dashboard summary user interfaces that provides a snapshot of the status of many parameters in a single user interface. Dashboards are associated with User/Group permissions in Statistica Enterprise/QC, so that a particular User or Group has access to the Dashboard that fits their respective responsibilities.

Monitoring and Alerting Server