Powerful Predictions

Keeping you one step ahead

UsesCase StudiesIndustries

Predict Churn

Determine who is at risk of churning and the margin impact.

Calculate Risk

Understand potential outcomes and actions.

Optimize Processes

Define clear controls for complex processes.

Detect Fraud

Uncover potential risks and predict outcomes.

Sales Forecast

Determine buyer propensity and optimize stock levels.

Preventative Maintenance

Identify and prevents unnecessary costs.


Optimize processes for higher quality yields.


Behavioral credit scoring and fraud detection.


Predicting risk and detecting fraud.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Increase sales and enhance customer loyalty.


Saving more lives with predictive actions.


Controling costs and insuring compliance.

Federal Government & Defense

Serving the greater good with better understanding.


Predict student success.

State & Local Government

Maximizing Constituent Services and Benefits.


Taking Advantage of New Markets to Increase Customer Loyalty.

Oil, Gas & Energy

Optimizing Product Revenues and Reducing Time to Market.

Media & Entertainment

Predicting Security Risks, Ensuring Customer Satisfaction.