The citizen data scientist

Can you democratize analytics for better business outcomes?

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Thursday, November 10, 2016
Analytics is about better understanding customers, markets, and other phenomena that impact business performance. So while PhDs in mathematics and computer science play an important role in analytics success, employees with degrees in psychology, economics, and other fields can also help your company find nuggets of actionable insight in the mass of Big Data.

Key takeaways will include:

  • How to identify top potential non-IT contributors to your analytics initiatives
  • What it takes to transform a liberal arts major into an analytics superstar
  • Why “democratization” of analytics is a hot trend among Digital First market leaders

…and why all this matters to your team.


Moderator: Lenny Liebmann, Founding Partner – Morgan Armstrong
Speaker: James Taylor, CEO & Principal Consultant – Decision Management Solutions
Speaker: Dave Cosgrave, Analytics & Strategy – FreshBooks